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Who Knew

Dear Clarice,

Who knew that you would be there?

Who knew I would see you?

Who knew how I would feel inside?

Who knew I would meet you?

Who knew that we would come together in Philadelphia where it is not always sunny?

Who knew?

Who knew that we would go our own ways?

Who knew we both wondered when we’d meet again?

Who knew that I would feel these ways about a person I just met?

Who knew that if I would let you go there would be nothing but regret?

Who knew you felt the same when I dint?

Who knew?

Who knew that we would meet again in sunny New York skies?

Who knew that all I wanted was just to call you mine?

Who knew that 7000 miles would be worth every cent?

Who knew that every moment with you would be so priceless?

Who knew?

Who knew I’d fall in love with this beautiful masterpiece?

Who knew that my life would be displaced to say the very least?

Who knew that this is not going to be easy?

Who knew that if you forget this is real, all you’d have to do is squeeze me?

Who knew that you would change my life?

Who knows that I want you to be my wife?

He does!

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